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Our Basic List 
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Mendocino Kombu (Laminaria)—(We have sweet, delectable spring and early summer kombu available. It makes great soup stock (dashi); softens beans and speeds their cooking.
Mendocino Sea Palm Fronds— We have tender, crunchy sea palm available. these "sea noodles" unique to the Pacific Northwest are good raw, toasted, sauteed, in soups and salads.
North Atlantic Dulse—the best, rust-red, soft Grand Manan dulse on the market; zesty raw or cooked.
Flaked Dulse—convenient, tangy, salty, soft, ready to sprinkle on anything;
Granulated Dulse—a nice and easy way to enhance your raw & steamed veggies, great for making spreads; best from Grand Manan.

Rare & Delectable
(Usually In Stock)
Mendocino Nori 'Sea Rinsed' (Porphyra)—We harvested and dried this Nori following the traditional Aboriginal ways. Experience the full flavor and powerful properties of the 'four directions sacred tidepool harvest'. Dried in leaf form (not in sheets); delicious coated in toasted sesame oil & lightly roasted or as tempura.
Mendocino Dulse—A rare and delightful find. Experience the power of the Ocean eating this dulse as a snack, in salads, stir fries and chowders. Iron rich. Fierce, salty and powerful, it has earned a following. My favorite harvest dance is with this seaweed
Bladderwrack (fucus tips)the famous herbal remedy packed with healing virtues; used in teas and soups.
Mendocino Grapestone (Gigartina papillata)like a deep-red, exotic mushroom, excellent in stir fries.
Sea Whip Fronds (Nereocystis)our tenderest sea vegetable; sweet, salty kelp fronds, great raw or in soup.
Mendocino Seaweed Miracle Mix—Barbara's milled blend of 4 sea vegetables, chosen for their delicate flavor and their intrinsic nutritional value.—nori, wakame, kombu, and sea palm—How wonderful to have a quick and easy way to enhance our diet with the rich minerals that the sea has to offer.

Our Bath Line
Experience a Refreshing and vitalizing 'Sea Mineral Bath' in your own home

Laminaria for the Bath—used since ancient times in Japanese healing baths; rich in natural gel.
Turkish Towel for the Bath (Gigartina)—red in color. Use like a washcloth that ozzes healing gels. Great texture for a gentle body exfoliation.
Feather Boa for the Bath—A long, gelatinous seaweed strip. Good length for wrapping around your body and washing your back.

'Barbara's Wild Seaweed' Balms and Salves
Nourishing & Soothing. Wild Seaweed & Natural Herbal Oils. A unique blend of mineral and vitamin rich seaweed gels and herbal oils in a soothing base of coconut butter & beeswax.

Our Cookbook 
Sea Vegetable Gourmet Cookbook & Forager's Guide—32 page booklet written in 1985 loaded with delicious sea vegetable recipes, nutritional and healing information, harvesting instructions, & a lot more. It opens the door to the awesome world of sea vegetables. Our beautiful 128 page cookbook sold out and is out of print. Barbara & I are writing a new cookbook with chapters on raw & fermented seaweed recipes. 

Japanese Green Tea
Tsukigase Health Green Tea is Japanese green tea of unsurpassed quality and taste. Probably you have never tasted green tea as good as these tender young leaves from a family-tended tea garden in an ancient Japanese village. Lovingly grown by the Iwata Family without agricultural chemicals, Tsukigase Health Green tea is certified organic by the Government of Nara Prefecture, Japan.
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