Featured Sea Vegetable  Dulse
(Palmaria Palmata)

Dulse has been used as food by Northern European coastal peoples for millennia.  

After nori, dulse is the highest in protein of the popular sea vegeatables;  Maine Coast dulse tested at 22% protein.

As its rust-red color suggests, dulse is very high in iron.  Dulse contains several minerals and trace elements.  Maine Coast dulse tested high in B6 and B12 vitamins.  Although dulse tastes very salty, the Maine Coast dulse tested relatively low in sodium (1740mg/100g) and high in potassium (7820mg/100g).
Dulse, blood mystery of the sea.  Dulse, daily, is a wonderful ally for strengthening women.  With her dark purple-red color and her ever-changing shape, dulse is as red and changing as a woman's moon time.  She is the image of uterine power and mystery.  With her beneficial yeasts, proteins, and minerals, dulse is an optimum nourisher for uterus and nerves.    -Susun S. Weed, Healing Wise

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