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Sea Vegetable and Wildcrafter's Guide
Book Table of Contents

 Soft cover 128 pages 8.5X11" $19.95 ISBN 0-9647643-7-7 
Indexed, with Bibliography Illustrated with line drawings  
Perfect bound, Printed on acid free, recycled paper 

Open the door of delight into the awesome world of sea vegetables! John Lewallen and his late wife Eleanor share their first fifteen years of harvesting, cooking, living with and protecting wild sea vegetables into this beautiful, informative volume. Here are the book's main sections: 

 I. Sea Vegetable Gourmet Cookbook: The best recipes and cooking ideas from Eleanor's fifteen years with sea vegetables, with the latest nutritional information about each species. 
II.Wonders of Seaweed: Bathing and External healing: Eleanor's experience and experiments with feather boa, kombu, turkish towel, Fucus, and other seaweeds. 
III.Sea Vegetable Wildcrafter's Guide:Complete harvesting instructions for Pacific and Atlantic sea vegetables, with entertaining wildcrafting history, folklore, and tales. 
IV.A healing food for our Era: John's essays, covering Aboriginal Native American sea vegetable use, a thumbnail history, sea vegetables and macrobiotics, radiation and heavy metal cleansing, trace elements, balanced salts, and more. 
V.Family Life in the Tidepool: Eleanor's essays about life as a mother, sea vegetable harvester, and ocean protection activist. 

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