Table of Contents
Sea Vegetable and Wildcrafter's Guide
Eleanor and John Lewallen

Table of Contents 

       Family Portrait 
       About the Authors 
       Creative Seaweed Cookery 

                                       Book I: The Sea Vegetable Gourmet Cookbook 

       Nutritional & Healing Notes 
       Nori Recipes 
       Roasting Nori 
       Roasted Nori Flakes 
       Baking with Roasted Nori Flakes 
       Navarro Oysters (Nori Tempura) 
       Dips for Navarro Oysters 
       Johnny's Morning-After Nori Pancake 
       Sauteed Nori Recipes 
       Sauteed Onion with Nori 
       Sauteed Cabbage with Nori 
       Bean Thread with Nori 
       Nori Baked Potato 
       Nori-Onion Omelet 
       Nori-Tofu Spread 
       Sushi Salad 
       Nori Sushi Ball 
       Roasted Nori Over Rice 

Party Page! 

       Popcorn with Roasted Nori 
       Chocolate Chip Cookies with Roasted Nori 
       Nori on the Road 
       Traveling with Nori 
       Camping with Nori 
       Dancing with Nori 
       Holiday Dishes Featuring Nori and Brown Rice 
       Holiday Nori-Rice Stuffing/Casserole 
       Roasted Nori and Vegetables Fried Rice 


       Nutritional and Healing Notes 
       Wakame Recipes 
       Sauteed Wakame 
       Wakame Roll-Ups 
       Wakame, Cabbage and Bean Thread 
       Wakame, Bean Thread and Cucumber Salad 
       Chinese Noodles with Wakame and Stir Fried Vegetables 
       Quinoa with Wakame 


       Nutritional and Healing Notes 
       Kombu Recipes 
       Kombu with Rice 
       Kombu with Beans 
       Dashi Kombu 
       Kombu Soup 
       Two Kombu Marinades 
       Kombu with Soy Sauce and Honey 
       Kombu with Ginger and Honey 

Sea Palm Fronds 

       Nutritional and Healing Notes 
       Sea Palm Frond Recipes 
       Saut?ed Sea Vegetables with Honey, Carrot and Rice 
       Sea Palm Fronds Saut?ed with Butter and Garlic 
       Oriental Noodles with Sea Palm and/or Wakame 
       Crisped Sea Palm Fronds 
       Sea Palm on the Road 


       Nutritional and Healing Notes Dulse Recipes/ Cooking Ideas 
       Dulse Saut?ed with Green Onions and Rice 
       Black-Eyed Peas Garnished with Dulse 


       Nutritional and Healing Notes 
       Cooking with Fucus 


       Grapestone Cooking Ideas 
       Hoku Mitchell's Letter with Grapestone Recipe 

Sea Vegetable Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches 

       Sea Vegetable Soups 
       Wakame Soup 
       Nori Soup 
       Sea Palm Frond Soup 
       Neptune's Delight Soup 
       Sweet & Sour/Hot & Sour Sea Vegetable Soups 
       Sea Vegetable Soup with Garden Greens 
       Dulse Chowder/Nori Chowder 
       Adventurous Seaweed and Rice Soup 
       Salads with Sea Vegetables 
       Marinated Wakame Salad 
       Sea Palm Frond Salad Dressing 
       Sea Vegetables in Sandwiches 
       Nori, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich 
       Open-Face Sea Vegetable Sandwiches 
       Dulse, Bagel and Cream Cheese 
       Chefs' Favorite Sea Vegetable Recipes 
       Real Food Daily's Caesar Salad 
       Marinated Sea Palm With Roasted Red Peppers 
       Sea Vegetable Potpourri 
       Sea Vegetable Casseroles 
       Honey-Mustard Sea and Land Vegetable Casserole 
       Easy Seaweed Pickles 
       Munching Sea Vegetables 
       Dried Seaweed at Home or on the Road 
       Oven-Crisped Sea Vegetables 
       Seaweed off the Rocks 
       Great Seaweed Cooking Ideas 
       Recipe Notes For The Adventurous 
       Rehydrated Whole Sea Palm Fronds and Wakame 
       Dulse and Dulse Flakes 
       Chicken and Fish with Sea Vegetables 
       John's Sea Palm and Salmon Teriyaki 
       Eleanor's Chicken Teriyaki 
       Traditional and Well-Known Seafood Dishes 
       Great Seaweed Cooking Ideas 
       The Pesto Family 
       Seaweed with Fava Beans 
       Fava Bean Soup with Sea Palm 
       Fava Bean and Sea Palm Sandwich 
       Expanding Your Repertoire of Seaweed Cookery 
       Recipes Without Seaweed 
       Eleanor's Pesto 
       Three Recipes for Hot Chocolate 
       Inka Mocca 
       Eleanor's Delicious Hot Chocolate 
       Hot Cocoa with Soy Milk 
       Almond Butter Whipped Cream 
       Hot Fudge Sauce 
                                                 Book II: The Wonders of Seaweed 
       Bathing and External Healing 
       Introduction: Into the Tidepools 
       Bathing with Seaweed 
       Emollient and Cleansing Herbs 
       Facial Cleanser 
       Real Foods For Our Skin 
       Healing with Seaweed: My Own Experience 
       Wounds, Sprains, Poison Oak, Insect Bites 
       Kombu and X-rays 
       Kombu Soothes My Sore Throat 
       Book III: Sea Vegetable Wildcrafter's Guide 
       Introduction: Attunement 
       What Are Sea Vegetables? 
       Where Do Sea Vegetables Grow? 
       Harvest Timing 
       Harvesting Equipment 
       Rinsing, Drying and Storage Equipment 
       Producing Quality Sea Vegetables 
       Non-Edible Seaweeds 
       How to Harvest North America's 
       Most Popular Sea Vegetables 
       Nori (Porphyra) 
       Wakame (Alaria) 
       Kombu (Laminaria digitata and setchelli) 
       Dulse (Palmaria palmata) 
       Sea Palm (Postelsia palmaeformis) 
       Bladderwrack (Fucus) 
       Grapestone (Gigartina papillata) 
       Sea Whip (Nereocystis leutkeana) 
       Sea Lettuce (Ulva) 
       Atlantic Kelp (Laminaria longicruris) 

                                    Book IV: A Healing Food For Our Era. Essays by John 

       A Healing Food for Our Era 
       The Aboriginal Native Seaweed Connection 
       A Thumbnail History of Sea Vegetable Use 
       Sea Vegetables in the Macrobiotic Diet 
       Fighting Radioactivity with Seaweed 
       Seaweed, Salt and Hypertension 
       Sea Vegetables: A Major Source of Vitamin B12 
       The Seaweed Rebellion: Sea Vegetables and Ocean Protection 
       Book V: Family Life in the Tidepool Ü Essays by Eleanor 
       Seaweed Tone Meditations: Essential Images 
       Growing and Changing 
       Me and My Wetsuit 
       Insights and Wisdom Related to Daily Living 
       Nurturing, and Cooking 
       The Ocean's Gift 
       Last Harvest of the Year 
       Spring 1995 
       Annotated Bibliography 
       Sea Vegetable Nutritional Chart 
       Know Your Sea Vegetable Source 
       Ordering Information 

Soft cover 128 pages 8.5X11" $19.95 ISBN 0-9647643-7-7 
Indexed, with Bibliography Illustrated with line drawings  
Perfect bound, Printed on acid free, recycled paper 

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